Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We got rats! = We got cats!

So while turning the compost piles, we came across a nest of rats. Ew. The obvious solution was cats. This is Chamomile, the newest addition to the garden.

With any luck, this little lady will earn her keep and catch those pesky rodents or at least scare them away. We're crossing our fingers and hoping that she'll stick around - there's no way to force her to stay if she doesn't feel like it, but she has a cozy nook with rugs and old shirts to snuggle down in.


Ryan Fasani said...

kirsten, these are perfect posts. thanks for sharing your experiences so far. keep it up.


Ryan Fasani said...

i encourage you to learn as much as possible during the "off season." i promise when the temperature hits 70 and 80 again it's all going to come at you at light speed.

go team!