Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Exciting Opportunity!

Wanted: Farm/Garden Manager

Location: Old Hickory Boulevard in Bell’s Bend, Davidson County, about 15 minutes from downtown Nashville

Job Description: Expand and improve existing (1/3 acre) garden up to approximately 2 acres. Duties include all garden/farm work from planning to sales. Responsibilities will include the establishment of a low power irrigation solution with creek water, an annual supply of compost, and an annual marketing plan. Growing will preferably be done with zero use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers (ie non-certified, organically grown). Duties also include maintenance of a 1400 sq ft. single level house, detached garage, in-ground swimming pool and grounds. Weekly grass mowing in summer is required. Light landscaping (flowers, etc.) is encouraged. The house and property should be maintained neat and orderly at ALL times.

Housing (on site): In exchange for detailed Spring production plan, Farm Manager is not expected to pay rent on 3-bedroom farm house until first market sales. After first market of first season, $230 rent will be due the first of each month. Second season, rent will increase to $460, and third season, to $700 (full rent). Utilities (including garbage collection, water, electricity) are the responsibility of the Farm Manager. Figures are negotiable.

Other Obligations: At least 10% of vegetables grown are to be donated to East Nashville Cooperative Ministry, 1 “share” of vegetables per week go to the owners, and all proceeds from sale of remaining vegetables above operating expenses for the house and garden go to the Farm/Garden Manager. There is a strong possibility of having one full-time, live-in intern per year to manage. Subleasing third room is negotiable. We are looking for a long-term commitment. Inquire for more details.

References: Please provide the names and contact information of three professional references.

Contact: Kevin Seale,

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I would love to join up for this series.
Will and Toni Gant
1017 Maxwell Ave.