Thursday, February 10, 2011

Johnny Shields and family are in town and are here to make it healthier! They're the new owners of The Green Wagon of East Nashville and are already proving their store is committed to supporting the health of our neighborhoods. TGW is beginning East Nashville Sustainable Community Days. They have chosen a local, charitable "green" organization to support each week per month. They will donate a percentage of their sales to ENCM every 3rd Wednesday. A big THANK YOU to Johnny Shields and fam for the partnership. Following is a word about TGW from the (temporary) website.

The Green Wagon houses a classic collection of general store merchandise, witeverything from cleaning supplies to clothing to shampoo to crib mattresses. The store features a "refilling station" where customers can refill their bottles with products like shampoo and household cleaners at a discounted price, instead of buying new containers. A large portion of the products in The Green Wagon inventory are made locally, therefore reducing the business' and customers' carbon footprint that would normally occur during the shipping process and supporting the local economy!


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