Monday, April 4, 2011

Lauren Jenkins

The idea of gardening is one that excites me. I immediately picture lots of blooming flowers and vegetables galore. I cannot imagine rigorous work including digging and raking. We all met at circle K at around 830 on saturday morning. I was very groggy and was not in the mood to do any gardening. As i typed the address into my GPS i told brian and sarah too just follow me over, which was a bad mistake. Apparently the address i had typed in was the wrong one, and we went on a half hour tour of nashville, everywhere but east. Finally, thanks to Allisons resources we were able to get on the interstate and make our way over.
Once we arrived i was shocked to see how small the building actually was. We had discussed in class that it looked a little rough, but the picture did not do it justice. There were piles of clothes and shoes left outside the front door. Ive learned over the years not to judge anything from first appearances, so I gave it a shot. As we walked down the small hill and turned to the garden, It was such a pleasant surprise! As Lauren gave us a tour, I couldn't help but keep thinking how much better this ended up than I thought it would. Even inside, I had no clue how large their pantry was, so I had no idea how many community members they could feed and clothe. It was awesome and Im very excited to go back next saturday :)

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