Thursday, May 26, 2011

WOW! The cob oven project has started.

Beau Bristow of the Old World Oven Co. is offering ENCM the gift of a cob oven in our McCoy Memorial Garden at 807 Main Street.  "Cob" or "abobe," in Beau's words, "refer to clay used as a building material. Wood-fired ovens were originally built with clay and still are in many cultures. Though an adobe oven is simpler than a brick oven, it lacks nothing in it’s cooking ability.  Adobe ovens are also a “greener” alternative to brick ovens because they use ingredients that can be found locally and don’t require energy-intensive mining, processing, and shipping. They can also be broken down and returned to the earth easier than bricks and concrete."

We're excited to for this great opportunity and the oven's educational potential and community gathering possibilities.  Please follow along with us on this adventure on our facebook page and/or on our blog.  Find Old World Oven Co. online here.  [The images below are works of Old World Oven.  The one currently being built at ENCM is a hybrid--brick foundation with a cob oven on top].

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freebase said...

awesome. good work. can't wait for potlucks after it's finished!