Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cob Building Workshop w/ Howard Switzer and Beau Bristow

What: Cob Building Workshop
When: June 25, 10am
Where: ENCM (807 Main St. 37206)
Cost: Free (but we'll "pass the hat" for our presenter)

We're back at it! ENCM's Backyard Foodways now present a hands-on workshop on cob building with Howard Switzer and Beau Bristow. No, not the cobwebs in our heads from all this heat, but a method of building. If you are wondering what I mean by "cob", come join us. No experience is necessary. If you know what I'm talking about but haven't had the opportunity of getting your hands (and feet!) dirty, come on over. We'll be mixing cob and applying it to form the oven, more specifically the oven chamber for our garden oven--think pizza, bread, and pies. You should walk away with a clear understanding of what a cob project in your own backyard entails.

We have invited Howard Switzer to help teach us how to use this unique backyard construction material. Howard has been building ecologically sustainable homes with Ecoville ArchiTechs for the past 30 years and has designs utilizing both hay bales and cob. Beau Bristow of the Old World Oven Co. has been hard at work in our garden laying the foundation for our cob oven for a few weeks now. He will be joining Howard in the workshop on Saturday. Beau specializes in customized wood-burning brick and cob ovens.

Sign up and direct all questions to Justin in the comment space below. Please feel free to pass this along to any and all friends. Hope to see you there!

Stay tuned here for a rain update. If nothing is mentioned, we are a go!


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RSVP for Randall

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Perrin is coming!

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elli + 1 other person.

Eric said...

Thanks for all who came out! Beau and Howard spent the morning teaching us the basic of cob building, the materials used, and then we practiced as we continued our wood-burning oven. We have one more cob building workshop coming in the next few weeks. We'd love to have you. Details coming soon.