Friday, June 1, 2012

Soul of the Soil Workshop

Hello ENCM Friends!

Join us at the ENCM Main Street garden Saturday, June 9th for an enlightening workshop.
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Our garden workshops are donation-based, with the proceeds going to our community garden program. Our workshop leaders are providing a service to the community by teaching us about what they love to do. We are thankful for their donation of time and enthusiasm!

Soul of the Soil Workshop 

Michael Holt, Biodynamic Farmer and Horticulturalist for Glen Leven Farm, a unique collaboration between The Hermitage Hotel's Capitol Grille and The Land Trust for Tennessee, will lead this workshop. Michael owns Holt Landscape Design and was also the University Horticulturist for Vanderbilt University (1982-1995), leading the upgrading of the campus landscape to a nationally recognized award winning status, and a Forester in Oregon for 5 years. 

Michael will be talking about a few of the key insights from one of his favorite books " The Soul of The Soil", reviewing information on a few of the general soil types of middle Tennessee from the publication "Soils of the Nashville Basin", and will have samples on hand for examination. Soil types around Nashville vary greatly. Some understanding of the soil type at your location is essential to your success as a gardener.

Together we will be doing some digging to examine the soil profile at ENCM and perform a basic drainage test.

This will give us a general frame of reference that will help answer some of the following questions :

Why is so much of my soil heavy clay?

What are some practical ways to prepare and improve my particular soil type?

What about soil tests ?

How does microclimate and other site conditons (trees, walls, concrete, paving etc.) make a difference?

Why do my plants seem to be struggling to grow and produce?

Why am I having so many problems with weeds and pests?

What is Biodynamic gardening? How is it different from regular organic gardening? 

Are Biodynamic preparations a subsitute for compost and or fertilizer?

What about winter gardening for my particular soil type and microclimate?  

When: Saturday June 9, 9:00am-11am
Where: ENCM McCoy Cooperative Garden, 807 Main St., Nashville 37206
Rain or shine! We can go indoors if there's rain.

The garden crew is looking forward to seeing you!

Hilary -- Garden Coordinator & Educator
Trent -- Garden Site Manager


Unknown said...

I and my husband will be there!
-karri & jay

Anonymous said...

You can count me in as well :)