Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GrowFest Gratitude and Ways to Connect

Thank you to all of you who came out to GrowFest! We enjoyed an active seed swap, great conversation with local leaders offering resources to home growers, and a lively and engaged discussion outside in the garden on a beautiful day. How good is that? 

We look forward to growing the seeds planted at GrowFest. We are grateful to all of you -- gardeners, friends, leaders, educators, volunteers -- for connecting in a real, meaningful way as we create this community growing network. 

A small photo album documenting GrowFest can be found on the ENCM Facebook page. We welcome you to add to the collection!

We'll be hosting another seed swap and discussion in the ENCM garden on April 6, 3-5 pm. 807 Main St 37206.

For any of you interested in participating at ENCM in the garden, here are a few options:

  • Be a part of the Urban Farm Cooperative. Choose garden projects (see list below) that appeal to you as we cooperate in creating a thriving, bountiful growing space at ENCM. We've got everything from building natural garden structures to being a School Garden Liaison, so your time spent with us is purposeful and fulfilling. You choose what you'd like to learn the most and connect with others on the projects.
  • Start or become a Peace Garden. Be a part of the network of ENCM partner gardens, sharing time, resources, and harvests as we grow peace in our community.
  • Participate in or lead a study group. City Gardener Gatherings monthly potlucks, Biodynamic agriculture monthly study group, Wendell Berry reading group coming soon. More to come!
  • Attend or lead a skill-share session. Have you learned a new growing technique or homesteading skill you'd like to share with others? Use our space and coordinate with us to set up an amateur-led learning opportunity.
  • Suggest or lead a growing or homesteading workshop. What would you like to learn from the amazing garden/sustainable living leaders in Nashville? Let us know, and we'll add it to our workshop schedule.

Upcoming: City Gardener Gathering Potluck March 30, 4-7 pm in the garden. All of you growing in the city are welcome! We will share food and stories about our plans for growing this year. Vegetarian preferred.

We will be sharing a calendar soon for all these events.
Contact me to connect in the ways listed above or to suggest ideas, ask questions. 

In cooperation,

Urban Farm Cooperative Garden Projects:
  • garden care basics
  • signage
  • tool library
  • Biodynamic practices
  • Forest gardening
  • garden events
  • social marketing
  • natural garden structurebuilding 
  • carpentry 
  • grains
  • medicinal herbs
  • compost 
  • vermiculture
  • harvest to pantry
  • creative kids' projects
  • Garden to Pantry Liaison
  • fruit 
  • art projects in the garden
  • School Garden Liaison
  • Church Garden Liaison
  • Wendell Berry book study leader
  • flowers
  • herb market
  • mow gathering spaces
  • tree nursery
  • garden photo essays

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