Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cob tool shed: post 1

After a meeting with a Belmont professor who is committing a group of about 10 every Saturday throughout the fall semester i decided the best project for the fall was to build a cob tool shed.

Cob is a building medium of mixed clay, sand, straw, and water. According to Howard Switzer of The Farm cob building is one of the oldest of all building methods, and last a great deal longer than most other building methods.

After making this decision I found myself talking about the idea to the folks at (n)habit, an environmental design and supply store in the 12th S. neighborhood. Rachel had Howard's card and gave me so that i might get in touch with him. I called Howard the next day and he agreed to help out on this project. He said he was coming town within the next few days and would stop by to give me some advice to get me started. He said I need to dig the foundation to a depth below the frost line, which is going to be about a foot and half, and then fill it with gravel.
So, that's were we are. The area is mostly cleared and cleaned, and I am now thinking about the necessary tools to dig this trench foundation.

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Kirsten said...

Justin! This is EXACTLY what I've been hoping to do next summer. Craaaazy awesome.