Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cob Tool Shed: Post 2

Update on the Cob building project.

We've put in lots of man hours in digging out the foundation ditch--a 9 foot diameter circle 1.5-2 feet deep and about 1 foot wide. This was not easy. And then, just the other day, I talked with Howard. Calmly, in that stoic kind of assurance that comes with experience, and the knowing you have that experience he said, simply, "It needs to be wider."

Wider! Good greif!

We are shooting for 18 inches. My untrained eyes thought we were close. Thankfully, we are in good directive hands with Howard.

Back at the dig this week.

In other news since the last post, I have learned that Howard is running for Governor here in Tennessee. Check it out. And good luck to Howard in his campaign.

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