Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog Prompts

Attention, students in Dr. Gustke's class -

Respond to one or more of the following prompts with description and detail.  Make me feel like I am there.


·         What happened at ENCM?  Describe your experience at the ENCM garden in terms of your reaction and emotions.  Why might you have felt that way?

·         How did you feel about the experience?  At first?  At the end?

·         Did anything surprise you about ENCM?

·         How did you model citizenship, as you understand it?

·         How did you experience community at ENCM?

·         What new knowledge do you now have that you didn't have before ENCM?

·         What social problems did you encounter and what are possible solutions?

·         Connect gardening with writing - how are they similar?  

·         How, if at all, was/is your gardening related to personal and political agency within the current food system? Is gardening a solution to the current problems of our food system?  Why or why not?

·         Why is it important to actually garden, instead of just learning about it?


The best blogs will select one part of your experience, and give me details. Remember this is an opportunity for you to be reflective, creative and personal, connecting and exchanging ideas with other community members. The writing of poetry, songs, and personal narrative is greatly encouraged, as are the inclusion of photos, drawings and video. You are required to create at least 4 blogs over the semester. This blog is intended to be a space in which you share your S-L experiences, as well as process, cultivate and exchange ideas for your final research project.  Happy blogging!


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Bryan Yates said...

I really enjoyed my experience at ENCM. Before going, I had no desire to wake up early on a Saturday morning to work in a garden for a couple hours. However when I arrived and started working I realized how much I enjoyed doing that kind of work. My job was to pull weeds around a fence line and pulling vines off of the fence, It was a tedious job. But Sometimes its those jobs that help me to just get away from everything and just think. And that is what i did. I found it quite relaxing. I like those boring jobs that no one likes every now and then,because I can have time to myself and enjoy my surroundings.