Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alison Junker- ENCM Blog

Before arriving at ENCM, I had a few suspicions as what was going to happen. I have not really gardened before but I knew that it was usually very mundane and boring work. Once I arrived however, I began to understand that gardening is not necessarily mundane. While Justin was giving us a tour of the garden, I came to understand that not only did Justin love being in the garden, but he had the whole garden down to a science. This science is necessary for the garden to grow effectively. The tour of the garden opened my eyes to how much work is put into the garden everyday. Each day, there is something in the garden that is working towards the betterment of the community. The decomposing stack of leaves shows how easily we can use the resources around us to provide healthy foods. It was interesting to learn how much of an impact the garden has on these people's lives. The food that they are receiving from ENCM is not only healthy, but can be bountiful through the gardens. I loved that I was able to help in the betterment of the community there. It is crucial that we start giving back to the community through regulating the things that we are putting into our bodies. Through missions like ENCM, communities are making healthy foods available to everyone. 

Alison Junker

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