Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sarah Hammond ENCM

During my experience with ENCM I felt very enlightened about the importance of gardening and how it affects and creates community. Initially, I was not very concerned or interested in ENCM because of my lack of experience with gardening, therefore it came as a large surprise to me when I came to realize that the gardens are not only a source of food but inspiration as well. In being located in a little rough area of East Nashville, I thought the gardens would be in a rough state as well. Who knew pieces of flourishing land could exist in such a stripped urban area? Also it seemed evident the amount of work put into the gardens was not of one person's efforts but that of a large group bent on bettering East Nashville through healthy food and the creation of  community. The Community of the garden seems vast because of the multitude of participants and their ability to foster relationships with eachother as well as the land. Although it was a slow day and most of the work was already completed, it was a genuine pleasure to be outdoors in a small escape from the stresses of life and to be one with nature. Furthermore, I was more than elated to see the sense of encouragement to create a sustainable means of food for those who can't afford it, and to be a part of this process was an even better feeling. I was pleasantly surprised by the effect ENCM had on me and look forward to future gardening experiences.

Sarah Hammond

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