Monday, April 11, 2011

When first hearing about how we had to work in a garden for our class this semester I honestly was not too excited about it.  I have never really been knowledgeable on the techniques of gardening and never really thought it was an important skill to have.  But that quickly changed once I reached ENCM.  It was early in the morning on a Saturday, but once I felt awake it was nice to be outside.  I couldn't complain about the weather and I was starting to be accepting of the fact I had to spend a couple hours in a garden.  I have to agree with what Alison said that what surprised me the most was how much science and technique went into the garden and the things they are growing there.  I felt naive thinking that there was no rhyme or reason to how or what they planted in the garden but that they just did whatever they wanted.  That I found out was not the case.  Everything being grown at the garden holds a purpose and is carefully thought out and executed.  I was so impressed by all the knowledge that Justin had on gardening and most of it went way over my head.  I'm glad that there are people like Justin and the people at ENCM who care about the gardens and are working to make the world a better place.  And are also spreading all their great knowledge with everyone around them.  Another thing I was surprised by was where the garden was located.  In the middle of an urban city there was the most unexpected spot for a garden but I think that is part of the beauty of the garden; growing things where typically things cannot be grown.
During my time at ENCM I helped Stephanie and Marcus sift through soil which was tiring but not bad at all.  We had fun and the time seemed to go quickly.  We did a few other tasks, getting the earth ready for planting.  It was really nice to do something that I typically would never do on my own and actually get my hands dirty.  I think that if people took the time to grow their own food and see where it comes from, they would appreciate it so much more.  Working in the garden gave me a new respect for the people who work there, having long and tiring days in the garden.  I also have a new respect for people who grow their own food and it gave me the desire to be more involved with my own food in the future.   Overall, it was a great day and I look forward to the next time I get to go back to the garden!
Bryanna Ellis

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