Monday, August 1, 2011

Backyard Season Extension Workshop w/ John Dysinger


What: Season Extension Workshop w/ John Dysigner

When: Sunday August 7th @ 11a.m--1p.m (notice this is a Sunday--maybe the garden is your cathedral this week?)

Where: ENCM (807 Main St. 37206)

Cost: Free. But we’ll “pass the hat” for our speaker

Limit: 35

This weeks forecast has temperatures reaching into the triple digits and believe it or not it’s time to think about the fall!

This installment of the Backyard Foodways workshop series is on extending the season. We welcome John Dysigner of Bountiful Blessings Farm, a beautiful family run farm in Middle Tennessee. You might know them for their strawberries, or as one of the first farms to offer a winter CSA; I mainly know them for their amazing carrots through winter! As mentees of Eliot Coleman, the Four Season Farmer of Main, the Dysigner’s utilize season extension techniques of low and high tunnels, greenhouses, and suitable crops to extend the harvest right through winter and into the next growing season--talk about “food security”! These people don’t stop farming.

For this hands on workshop we will build a “low-tunnel” and plant a fall/winter bed. We’ll discuss suitable fall and winter crops for your backyard, and management of low and high tunnels, greenhouses, and row covers. John will bring materials for low tunnel construction and winter gardening books for sale, so you can go home and construct your very own and start enjoying the bounty of a winter harvest.

There is a lot of wisdom in the Dysigner’s. It’s a real treat to have them on the East Side for this workshop experience.

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beccastin said...

I'd love to come! One RSVP for me, please. Thanks for offering this - it sounds great. - Becca Stinson

Hilary Claire said...

i'll be there!

Tera K said...

I will be there Justin!

Jeremy L said...

I'm there. Thanks

Ru and Will said...

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Count me in.

-Mister Sykes

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Anonymous said...

Randall will b there

weatherization program said...

I'm looking forward to this meeting

Anonymous said...

I will attend... thanks! Maggie Coyle