Friday, September 28, 2012

A Farm in East Nashville!

Jeff Poppen, the Barefoot Farmer, is interested in starting an urban farm in East Nashville. 

Jeff runs one of the oldest and largest organic farms in Tennessee, Long Hungry Creek Farm.  He has also helped to start several farms in the Nashville area -- Sulphur Creek Farm, Glen Leven Farm, and he is currently working with Hidden Valley Farm (Green Door Gourmet). Check out his website:

He is looking for a site that is at least one acre, preferably without Johnson grass, to help an interested group of East Nashvillians break ground and begin a purposeful project. He would like to work with a Farm Manager selected by the group that forms, working with him/her to set up a successful working urban farm.

He is interested in talking with those who:
+ have land to donate 
+ start-up funds to invest 
+ East Nashvillians who have a project vision with a distinct purpose, such as an East Nashville CSA 

ENCM is helping Jeff coordinate and organize this effort. Contact Hilary at, 615-601-2790, or call Jeff at 615.699.2493 if you are interested in being involved in this project. 

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