Friday, September 28, 2012

City Gardeners Gathering: Learning and Sharing Together

Announcing City Gardeners Gatherings at ENCM

Please join us as we learn the basics of organic city gardening and
homesteading together this Winter. Learn city gardening methods while forming cooperative relationships with other gardeners.

When: 2nd Saturday of October 2012 - March 2013*, 10a.m. - 12p.m.
Where: East Nashville Cooperative Ministry, 807 Main Street, Nashville 37206 (outdoors in the garden if weather permits, indoors if not)

ENCM is hosting monthly gatherings, for all of you who are growing or interested in starting to grow, so we can prepare for a bountiful 2013 growing season. In Spring 2013, we will host a City Garden Party with a seed swap and local garden leader & farmer guests to celebrate the connections we've made and gather what we need to get our gardens growing.

We will lead each gathering according to the month's topic, sharing our experiences and asking you to share yours, then participating in Q&A/creative discussion.

Contact: Hilary Higginbotham, Garden Coordinator & Educator, 615.601.2790


October 13th:  SOIL - testing, bed preparation techniques, compost
November 10th:  WATER – rain collection, filters, compost & herb teas
December 8th:  URBAN GARDEN ECOSYSTEM – compost, teas, Biodynamic preparations, wildlife, forest gardening


January 12th:  PLANTS – starts, mini greenhouse, kitchen botany
February 9th: ANIMALS – attracting beneficials, chickens, bees, and more
March 9th: TREES –benefits for the garden, seedlings, planting, care

Anyone interested in being a guest to help lead discussion for a gathering or in volunteering to prepare, coordinate, organize these gatherings a few hours a month, please contact Hilary at

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